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Training Yourself to Follow Good Nutrition

Five Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

Food plays a vital part in how well you lead your life. Even the best workout efforts may not show the desired results if you are not following the right nutrition plan. It is important to discuss your nutritional needs with your personal trainer and follow the diet plan designed by him if you want to be successful in your fitness goals. You may want to consider group training as well.

You should also know the top five mistakes to avoid when trying to lose flab and maintaining an ideal body weight.

Cutting out all Fat

It’s a misconception that eating food loaded with fat makes you fatter. Rather, you should know about what type of fat to avoid and which to consume. There are several food that contain good amount of healthy fat that are vital for protein synthesis in the body. Optimum protein synthesis is desired when you want to build more lean muscles that work harder to burn more fat.

Consume food that contain healthy amount of good fat such as olives, olive oil, coconut oil, dark chocolate (YES!), whole eggs, fatty fish, greek yogurt and cheese.

Cutting out all Carbohydrate

Removing all carbohydrates from your daily meals may not such a great idea. Like fat, your body needs its share of carbs that act as fuel and provide vital energy. Without adequate energy, you can hardly expect to workout at your optimum level. What you need to do is cut down on unhealthy carbs found in processed food and confectioneries.

Your personal trainer will therefore insist that you load your plate with complex carbs such as oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, yams, all types of squash, legumes and seeds.

Reducing your Intake of Vegetables

Vegetables are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins; nutrients your body can’t do without. You will feel weak and your body will not be able to function at its optimum level in the absence of adequate vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are also great fillers; they take long to digest and keep you full for long. You feel hungry less often and have a better chance of staying in good shape.

Make sure you take at least two to three cups of vegetables during your meals. And the best thing is that you can have them either boiled or raw as salads; as starters or even as a complete meal in itself.


Not Following a Regular Meal Pattern

Another huge fallacy is the fact that skipping meals can help you shed flab. Rather, intermittent fasting or having meals at irregular hours disturbs your body’s natural metabolic rate. This can actually lead to more fat storage (for emergency energy source) as the body is not sure of when it will get proper nutrition.

As your personal trainer will insist; having wholesome meals at regular hours is the best way to boost fat burning and maintain a high metabolic rate.

Filling up with Health Drinks

Several brands of health drinks are available in the markets that promote themselves as ‘energy boosters’. However, these are loaded with sugar (to provide instant energy) and are harmful when consumed regularly. Stay away from such drinks and load yourself instead with smoothies made from fresh fruit; yoghurt and so on. Be sure to visit Rushcutters Bay fitness trainer for tips to help you stay in shape.

Benefits of online fitness coaching

Top Easy and Quick Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Workouts often take a backseat when you are travelling for work or holidays or have family events to attend. However, between all your busy schedules, there is always time for a quick workout irrespective of where you are. If you have the right intentions, then a online fitness coach might be your solution. Your personal trainer can show you some amazing workouts that are quick, easy, and equipment-free.

Try Bodyweight Workouts

fitness coachBodyweight workouts are great when you don’t have a gym or workout facilities nearby. These workouts are perfect for strength training since you work against your own body weight. No equipments are required yet you will be amazed at the range of bodyweight workouts that you can try out.

These are extremely effective in keeping you fit and your personal trainer can show you different movements and positions.


Squats are an all-time favorite because they are simple; fun to do and can be done anywhere. To do them the right way, stand with both your feet placed at hip-distance from each other. Hands should be placed behind your head with the elbows sticking out. Keep your torso in an upright position and gradually sit back with your weight resting on the heels. Position both knees parallel to each other and pointing outward.

From this position, rise up by pushing against the ground with both legs. Squats are extremely effective in toning your hamstrings, quads and abdominal muscles.


A pushup is a complete body workout that works wonders in shaping your physique. To do this exercise, position your body above the ground in the plank position. Rest your weight on your arms which should be placed on the ground at shoulder-width distance. Stretch your legs and place toes firmly on the ground to give your more stability. Keep legs apart and clench your butt muscles.

Lower yourself gradually from this rigid pose till your chest just grazes the ground and your elbows are bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Exhale and rise up slowly to the initial plank position.


If you are trying out lunges for the first time, let a personal trainer show you how to do the stationary lunge first. To do the stationery lunge, step out forward with both hands at the hip or placed behind your head. Keep your torso firm and upright and lower your hips till your knees are bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Exhale and raise the hips till you are once again in the standing position.

Frog Jumps

This is a wonderful workout that conditions your entire body while giving you bursts of energy. To do these jumps, position yourself in the regular squat stance. However place both feet wider that you would usually do for your squats. Keeping a straight spine, place both hands on the ground with the fingertips pressing in. Place your weight on the heels and push against them to jump up high in a sudden movement.

While jumping, keep both hands extended above your head. Land softly on the balls of your feet and transfer your weight gradually to the heels.

How Long to Lose Weight from Kettlebells?

Many people are sceptical about the efficacy of kettlebell training for weight-loss. They wonder how fast they can lose copious amount of weight using kettlebells in comparison to other exercise modalities. The truth is kettlebell workouts is one of the most trusted and proven weight-loss exercise modality that you can follow safely and for years for sustained benefit.

That being said, do keep in mind that each individual is different and how fast you lose weight depends on several factors including your present physical condition and the amount of effort you are ready to put in. For certification information, visit

Your Regular Calorie Intake

The fundamental rule of weight loss is that your daily calorie consumption should be less than your daily calorie expenditure. In other words, you should burn more calories throughout the day than you consume in your daily meals. After all, un-burnt calories is stored as fat in the body to be used later to produce energy.

Statistics say that in order to lose about one pound, you need to create a calorie deficiency of 3500.

Your Regular Diet

Although kettlebell workouts are extremely demanding and torch huge calories per session, but even then you can spoil all that benefit by following an unhealthy diet. Meals that are loaded with fatty items like rich desserts, processed food or takeaways certainly don’t help in weight loss no matter how hard you work with kettlebells.

Along with regular kettlebell workouts, follow a healthy diet loaded with natural food that are rich in protein. Include a balanced proportion of carbohydrates, intake more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.


Your Efforts

It is obvious that you will see results quickly if you are willing to work twice or thrice a week with kettlebells if you are comfortable with the intensity. A thirty minute kettlebell session is expected to burn around 400 to 600 calories in a normally healthy person.

This is real quick when compared to other standard weight loss so plan your sessions accordingly if you want to reach your ideal weight in minimum time. Be informed about personal trainer certification.

Difference within Three Weeks

For beginners, working with kettlebells thrice a week for sixty minutes can show a difference in body weight i.e. fat loss within three weeks. Although this may surprise you but the fact is kettlebells are unique from other fitness tools. They have an off-balance weight which requires you to put in more effort while handling them. This makes kettlebell training highly intensive and hence more effective.

Moreover, your entire body is involved during kettlebell workouts which means you stand to lose more weight as fat is shed from the entire body and not just isolated areas.

Difference in Six to Eight Weeks

Within six to eight weeks, you can see appreciable development in muscle mass as you gain in strength. However, kettlebells also offer the benefits of cardiovascular workouts which means, you maintain a high heart rate which is so essential for burning fat.

This high heart rate is maintained for up to 24 hours after the session is over and your body continues to burn fat throughout the day.

Train with a Fitness Buddy in Spain for Greater Results

“Two” is definitely a better number to go for with regard to many activities. It also applies to Fitness Spain. Having a friend work out with you rather than working out on your own has several advantages as mentioned below:

Setting up a schedule

It is easy to skip work-outs when you are on your own in Spain – at times simply because you are just not in the mood. If you have a friend working out with you there will be a regular schedule in place so last minute cancellation of a work-out because of a whim, would be discourteous. So the very fact of your working out with another person will ensure that there will be a minimum of cancellations, that too, not for frivolous reasons. Regular work-outs will then ensure better results for both you and your friend.

Level of expertise

When you choose someone to work out with in Spain, make sure the person has similar athletic abilities. If your partner is a seasoned work-out pro, you will probably prove a drag during work-outs, not being able to keep up the same pace. On the other hand if you are the more athletic one, you might get frustrated with your partner’s inability to keep up. So keep this in mind when selecting a partner to work out with.

Keeping a watch

Having a partner to work out with will help even when performing exercises. You may need advice on how you are performing, or keeping track of the number of reps you are doing.

Fun work-out changes

Working out in Spain does not necessarily mean going to the gym and using the treadmill etc. Once in a way you might like a work-out change. If you have a partner you could instead play a game of basketball or racquet ball – one on one – a change that will get your heart racing and help you to keep fit.

Hiring a personal trainer

There may be a stage during your fitness training when you feel using the services of a personal trainer would add finesse and improvements in your work-out technique. Such services may not come cheap. If you are working out with a partner such an expense could be shared, making the same more affordable. To check out Fitness Services in your area, visit

The right company

It is important, and research has proved, that you would benefit from the type of people you mix with. This applies to physical aspects also. If you have a group of friends who are obese you would probably also lean towards putting on weight as their habits would include eating the wrong type of foods, no proper physical activity etc. The same applies to having slim and trim friends. Their habits would sway towards healthy living – proper diet and appropriate physical activity. So a work-out buddy who enjoys fitness training in Spain, is in good shape, and has the same fitness goals as you, is someone you should seriously think of partnering. As mentioned above – the benefits are many and could definitely make a big difference to your working out.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips for a Twelve Week Challenge

Every person wants to achieve weight loss through a twelve week challenge, look fit, active and have a great body. Dieting and exercising usually have a high failure rate because people start off with great enthusiasm, but eventually the enthusiasm fades away with time. Hence they tend to keep the shed pounds off and thus become de-motivated. It is important to continue with your diet and exercise routine to achieve long-lasting results.

Buy clothes of a smaller size

This is one great weight loss motivation strategy during a twelve week challenge. Buy a pair of jeans or dress that is a size smaller than the one you normally wear. Keep it at a place where you would be constantly seeing it. It will provide you the motivation to stick to your diet and exercise routine because you will want to reduce weight to fit into those clothes.

Remove all distractions

If you have menu cards of various fast food joints in front of you, you tend to lose motivation because you are tempted by the food. Remove all menu cards, advertisements, pamphlets, flyers of all restaurants, fast food joints and keep them away from your sight. Removing all the distractions and temptations is the secret on how to lose fat fast.

Surround yourself with health food and Calculate your calories to lose weight

Ever wondered how many calories to lose weight ? You will find a calorie tool on the online members area which is very easy to use. After calculating your daily calorie intake to lose weight it’s very important to clean your kitchen and fridge and replace the unhealthy foodstuffs with healthy snacks, cereals, brown bread, oats, fruits, salads, dry fruits etc. In this way, when you are hungry, you will reach out only to healthy food which will help in the Twelve Week Challenge weight loss process.It is difficult to stick to a diet if you have a huge piece of cake, sweets, chips or chocolates in your kitchen.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you reach a milestone such as knocking off those inches from your waist, losing a few pounds etc. However, it is better to stay away from food-based rewards because they will make you gain the weight that you have lost. Instead, treat yourself to a day at the spa, get a new dress or shoes, buy that gadget that you have wanted to own for ages etc. Reward yourself rightly and it will serve as a great motivation for you to achieve your weight loss targets.

Take help

It is always better to have a support and motivation system when you are on a diet or exercise plan. Take help from family and friends. On days when you feel low or feel like skipping your exercise sessions or going off your diet, talking to your weight-loss buddy will give you that much needed boost to stick to your weight loss Twelve Week Challenge plan in order to achieve your ultimate weight loss targets.

Workout in unconventional ways

Trick your body into doing physical activity which is not a part of your routine exercise plan. Take the stairs, walk to the grocery store, walk around your office every two hours, take a jog by the riverside etc. Apart from helping you lose weight, these activities will break the monotony of doing regular exercises and keep you fresh.

Your ultimate aim should be to achieve your weight loss targets. You must try out various approaches to reach your goals. With dedication, sincerity and sticking to a diet and exercise strategy, you can lose weight effectively and get faster results.