Benefits of online fitness coaching

Top Easy and Quick Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Workouts often take a backseat when you are travelling for work or holidays or have family events to attend. However, between all your busy schedules, there is always time for a quick workout irrespective of where you are. If you have the right intentions, then a online fitness coach might be your solution. Your personal trainer can show you some amazing workouts that are quick, easy, and equipment-free.

Try Bodyweight Workouts

fitness coachBodyweight workouts are great when you don’t have a gym or workout facilities nearby. These workouts are perfect for strength training since you work against your own body weight. No equipments are required yet you will be amazed at the range of bodyweight workouts that you can try out.

These are extremely effective in keeping you fit and your personal trainer can show you different movements and positions.


Squats are an all-time favorite because they are simple; fun to do and can be done anywhere. To do them the right way, stand with both your feet placed at hip-distance from each other. Hands should be placed behind your head with the elbows sticking out. Keep your torso in an upright position and gradually sit back with your weight resting on the heels. Position both knees parallel to each other and pointing outward.

From this position, rise up by pushing against the ground with both legs. Squats are extremely effective in toning your hamstrings, quads and abdominal muscles.


A pushup is a complete body workout that works wonders in shaping your physique. To do this exercise, position your body above the ground in the plank position. Rest your weight on your arms which should be placed on the ground at shoulder-width distance. Stretch your legs and place toes firmly on the ground to give your more stability. Keep legs apart and clench your butt muscles.

Lower yourself gradually from this rigid pose till your chest just grazes the ground and your elbows are bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Exhale and rise up slowly to the initial plank position.


If you are trying out lunges for the first time, let a personal trainer show you how to do the stationary lunge first. To do the stationery lunge, step out forward with both hands at the hip or placed behind your head. Keep your torso firm and upright and lower your hips till your knees are bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Exhale and raise the hips till you are once again in the standing position.

Frog Jumps

This is a wonderful workout that conditions your entire body while giving you bursts of energy. To do these jumps, position yourself in the regular squat stance. However place both feet wider that you would usually do for your squats. Keeping a straight spine, place both hands on the ground with the fingertips pressing in. Place your weight on the heels and push against them to jump up high in a sudden movement.

While jumping, keep both hands extended above your head. Land softly on the balls of your feet and transfer your weight gradually to the heels.