Weight Loss Motivation Tips for a Twelve Week Challenge

Every person wants to achieve weight loss through a twelve week challenge, look fit, active and have a great body. Dieting and exercising usually have a high failure rate because people start off with great enthusiasm, but eventually the enthusiasm fades away with time. Hence they tend to keep the shed pounds off and thus become de-motivated. It is important to continue with your diet and exercise routine to achieve long-lasting results.

Buy clothes of a smaller size

This is one great weight loss motivation strategy during a twelve week challenge. Buy a pair of jeans or dress that is a size smaller than the one you normally wear. Keep it at a place where you would be constantly seeing it. It will provide you the motivation to stick to your diet and exercise routine because you will want to reduce weight to fit into those clothes.

Remove all distractions

If you have menu cards of various fast food joints in front of you, you tend to lose motivation because you are tempted by the food. Remove all menu cards, advertisements, pamphlets, flyers of all restaurants, fast food joints and keep them away from your sight. Removing all the distractions and temptations is the secret on how to lose fat fast.

Surround yourself with health food and Calculate your calories to lose weight

Ever wondered how many calories to lose weight ? You will find a calorie tool on the online members area which is very easy to use. After calculating your daily calorie intake to lose weight it’s very important to clean your kitchen and fridge and replace the unhealthy foodstuffs with healthy snacks, cereals, brown bread, oats, fruits, salads, dry fruits etc. In this way, when you are hungry, you will reach out only to healthy food which will help in the Twelve Week Challenge weight loss process.It is difficult to stick to a diet if you have a huge piece of cake, sweets, chips or chocolates in your kitchen.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you reach a milestone such as knocking off those inches from your waist, losing a few pounds etc. However, it is better to stay away from food-based rewards because they will make you gain the weight that you have lost. Instead, treat yourself to a day at the spa, get a new dress or shoes, buy that gadget that you have wanted to own for ages etc. Reward yourself rightly and it will serve as a great motivation for you to achieve your weight loss targets.

Take help

It is always better to have a support and motivation system when you are on a diet or exercise plan. Take help from family and friends. On days when you feel low or feel like skipping your exercise sessions or going off your diet, talking to your weight-loss buddy will give you that much needed boost to stick to your weight loss Twelve Week Challenge plan in order to achieve your ultimate weight loss targets.

Workout in unconventional ways

Trick your body into doing physical activity which is not a part of your routine exercise plan. Take the stairs, walk to the grocery store, walk around your office every two hours, take a jog by the riverside etc. Apart from helping you lose weight, these activities will break the monotony of doing regular exercises and keep you fresh.

Your ultimate aim should be to achieve your weight loss targets. You must try out various approaches to reach your goals. With dedication, sincerity and sticking to a diet and exercise strategy, you can lose weight effectively and get faster results.